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You don’t Have to be Rich to be my …”clientele”

You don’t have to be rich to be my …”clientele”

Embedding a financing solution in your standard commercial offer is a way to extend your product offering to a wider range of customers.

Financing solutions are obviously welcome by a customer segment with lower financial standing or lack of liquidity. This customer will not need to call and disturb their regular financiers, who by the way , may be really worried about your new investment plants…

That’s evident, but there are other market segments that would also appreciate to be offered a financing solution that does not require an upfront disbursement of money.

Cash rich customers , considering the ones with an easy access to liquidity would also appreciate the fact that they don’t have to mobilise the money from its current location (term deposits, short term investments) . But they would also appreciate keeping the liquidity for other purposes, expected or unexpected.

Some of them would also mention that they prefer to accommodate the payment of the asset to the use of the asset.

Now you don’t have to ask or guess the financial status or the financial intelligence of your customer, just embed a financing solution in your standard commercial offer and the customer will decide.

So your clientele does not have to be rich it just has to be ..Smart


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