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Vendor Channel For SME Crowdlending

How Crowdlenders can face their main challenges

Probably  the main challenges of Crowdlending business today are:

  • being able to move from alternative to complementary financing for SMEs.
  • moving from ocasional to recurrent financing tool
  • moving from subprime to investment grade deals
  • finding reliable and recurrent source of deals

Crowd lenders have the opportunity rethink their origination strategy by taking a look at other business models such as Vendor Finance.

Vendor Financing means systematically offering a financing solution to your customer in order to facilitate the purchase of your products & services.

Originally car industry , and later office equipment, IT , Telecom have adopted this model with incredible success. Now there is an opportunity to extend this model to many other markets.

Who would discuss today  about the convenience of embedding a financing solution within the commercial offering.

It is a simple concept, as simple as all the good things…It only requires a state of mind.

Joaquín Gual



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