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Vendor Program

VENDOR PROGRAM: Ability to systematically provide structured financing solutions to your customer in order to FACILITATE the Purchase of your Products / Services. Financing solution has to be embedded in your commercial offer and be promoted within all your customer base. It’s about MAKING THINGS EASIER to your customer. SORRY: VENDOR FINANCE is NOT ABOUT solving the financial problems of your customers. Such approach would inexorably lead the Program to failure.

Vendor Channel For SME Crowdlending

How Crowdlenders can face their main challenges Probably  the main challenges of Crowdlending business today are: being able to move from alternative to complementary financing for SMEs. moving from ocasional to recurrent financing tool moving from subprime to investment grade deals finding reliable and recurrent source of deals Crowd lenders have the opportunity rethink their origination strategy by taking a look at other business models such as Vendor Finance. Vendor Financing …Read More

Vendor Finance : Together we sell…Better and More

Together we sell better… and more. Vendor Finance. A Vendor Finance business model can be defined as the ability of recurrently providing a financing solution to your customer in order to facilitate the sale of your own products/services. What you are really doing is facilitating the decision making of your customer. The only thing that could prevent not acquiring a good that is technically and economically convenient for the business …Read More

You don’t Have to be Rich to be my …”clientele”

You don’t have to be rich to be my …”clientele” Embedding a financing solution in your standard commercial offer is a way to extend your product offering to a wider range of customers. Financing solutions are obviously welcome by a customer segment with lower financial standing or lack of liquidity. This customer will not need to call and disturb their regular financiers, who by the way , may be really …Read More

Big Data Scoring Case Study

Big Data Scoring Case Study Big Data Scoring is an essential tool for use by banks and financial institutions to determine the creditworthiness of individuals based on data secured online. It does this by tapping into the broadest source of information from across the internet, using all publicly available information. This intelligent research brings lending into the digital information age allowing lenders to make informed credit decisions. Big Data Scoring …Read More

Welcome Back to the Future !

Vendor Premium website is back and this post is just to say welcome again to everybody involved and interested in the Vendor Finance and Customer Finance world. This project was born in 2012 from the conviction that the current environment is pushing us to move really fast. Move fast to adapt our commercial approach to the changing customer needs. And financing is always a key element for our customer decision-making. …Read More